Conference 2019

XXI Dokuchaev’s readings 2019

Soil as the System of Functional Connections in Nature

Dear Colleagues!

The organizing committee of the International Scientific Conference “XXII Dokuchaev Conference for Young Scientists” «Soil as the System of Functional Connections in Nature» invites you to take part in the conference which will take place on 25 February – 2 March, 2019 in St. Petersburg.

Topics of the conference:

1.”Mendeleev periodic table” in soils;
2.Genesis, evolution and classification of soils;
3.Physical processes in soils;
4.Mineral nutrition of plants;
6.Study of soil organic matter;
7.Modern technologies in soil science;
8.Properties and processes of anthropogenically transformed soils;
9.School session “Soil is the heart of the ecosystem”.