XXIV Dokuchaev’s readings 2020

Soil Science in a Digital Society

Dear Colleagues! You are welcome to our website. Conference “Dokuchaev’s youth readings” is aimed at students and young scientists from universities and research institutions in Russia and foreign countries. “Dokuchaev’s readings” are the most popular forum for students and young Russian soil scientists. “Dokuchaev’s readings” are dated for the V.V. Dokuchaev birthday (March 1) outstanding naturalist, the founder of the soilsciencel.

... fortunately, there is not only the great Darwin's law of struggle for existence, but there is another opposite law of love, community, self-help and particularly highly manifesting in the existence of our regions, such as soil, and natural historical.

V.V. Dokuchaev

Participation in the conference increases the rating of students and offer the challenge for admission to master’s and postgraduate studies, as well as the appointment of high or scholarships. The conference participants are awarded diplomas, and the most distinguished – gifts. Reports of students and young scientists are published before the conference. Reports that have received the high ratings, are published in the periodical of the St. Petersburg University “Materials for the Study of Russian soil”, based A.V. Sovetov and V.V. Dokuchaev in 1885. The themes of “Dokuchaev’s readings” are devoted to actual problems of soil science.
This year the twenty-third conference took place in St. Petersburg on March 2-4, 2020. The theme was “Soil under global climate change”.

Country participants

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