Abstract submission

Abstract submission

Abstracts should be uploaded to via the form located at the link. Deadline is December 30, 2020

Together with the submission of abstracts, you must upload the License agreement to the publication of abstracts, drawn up according to the presented example in the abstract submission form. Agreement must be printed, signed, scanned and downloaded in jpeg or pdf format.

To upload abstracts, you will need to create a Google account if you do not have one. To do this, click the link

The file with the abstract should be named by the first author last name. The file with agreement should be named «last name_agreement».

If you want to change the title of your abstract or include new co-authors after submissin, follow the link sent to you on the email provided in your application form. You will receive the letter with the link automatically after the submission of your application.

Paper requirements:

Papers should not be more than 2 pages long. Page size А5, the size of type is 12 pt, interval between lines is single, MS Office Word format (doc., docx), margins of page are 2 cm.
The first line is a title of paper, the second – authors, the third – country, city and university, the fourth e-mail.
The text of the abstracts is separated by one line and begins with an indent of 1 cm (width alignment)
Last line – full name, academic degree, post of supervisor

Publications. All submitted and accepted abstracts will be published by the beginning of conference in an abstract book. The best papers will be published in a book “Materials for the study of Russian soils”